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Quenching Thirst with Cock

There are a bunch of videos on YouTube of various celebrities reading thirst tweets. I thought Jeff Goldblum was going to be my favorite, but that all changed once I watched Gerard Butler reading thirst tweets. The man has no filter and no shame. He seemed up for some of the crazy shit people were posting and he did not censor the tweets as he read them. At the end of the video, he even commented that some of it sounded pretty good and he was open to experimenting. There were some gay tweets in there.

I watched a few more videos after his, but the others couldn’t compare. Then I realized I had spent a half hour watching celebrities read tweets. My time is precious. If  I am going to spend it on videos, they should at least show some of what those tweets describe!

I ended up surfing over to and spending the spare time I still had left, watching men who were actually fucking. And unlike Gerard Butler, the porn studs still had their abs and majestic thighs worthy of those skimpy costumes in 300.

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I have spent the last couple of weeks binge watching The Walking Dead and I am still not caught up. I am almost at Rick’s final episode and I am already feeling disappointed. In all this time, he has been the closest thing Daryl has had to a real love interest. I don’t understand the people wanting to ship him and Carol, and Beth died before they ever even kissed. I’m convinced his heart has belonged to Rick this whole time, and maybe part of the tension between them right now isn’t about the handling of Negan, but instead about how they haven’t been handling each other. I would pay good money to watch those two finally give in and fuck.

As for me, I would never fuck Daryl because he always looks filthy. However, I have fantasized about him plundering me in the woods and I quite enjoyed it. If my dick had to go in one of their asses it would be Rick’s for sure. Yes, he gets grimey too, but he also cleans up nicely when given the opportunity.

The men inside of are more to my tastes. They all look very clean and well groomed. Even in the outdoors scenes, they still look good enough to lick every inch.

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