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Month: October, 2009

Hot naked gay army guy.

This guy may be fighting for his country, but even harder is to fight the urge to fuck him senseless when you look at him. His years of training gave him a perfect, muscular body. A wide chest, strong arms, perfect abs and one big round ass. But his best weapon, the one he for sure knows how to handle with expertise is his big cock. He was made for gay anal. With a big cock and a hot ass like that, he is perfect to give or take in the battle of gay sex.

Guys doing anal at work.

The place where these two gay studs work is a very hot place. But not just because of the environment itself, but because these gay guys are so hot they’re sizzling! When they look at those sweaty manly bodies they just can’t keep it to themselves, it’s like a calling for some gay anal. So they take a break from work to do something more important: fucking each other’s brains out. A little gay blowjob to warm things up comes first, then when the cocks are hard as rocks, they fuck hard until they cum.