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Month: October, 2018

Drill My Hole Delivers Rough Anal is a large network of gay porn that always delivers fantastic quality, hot models, and hardcore sex. I know pretty much right away that I will like a site when I see that brand connected to it. That was the case when I visited It didn’t let me down at all.

There are 1,250 videos inside of the site. The content focuses mostly on dominant tops teaching bottoms a brutal lesson.

One of the most popular scenes, stars Aspen and Paul Canon. Aspen is airport security and Paul is on his way to a flight, but gets stopped at the scanner. Aspen realizes that Paul is smuggling something in his ass so takes him aside to get to the bottom of things. When he discovers a dildo wedged between those beefcake cheeks, he decides to slide his cock up there instead.

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Teach Me A Lesson

When I was in college I was experimenting with my sexuality. One night I had sex with a guy. It was amazing, mind blowing sex, but I was embarrassed. A couple days later someone asked me about it and I denied it. Well, word got back to the guy that took my ass virginity and he wasn’t too pleased.

Leaving class one evening a van pulled up and a group of guys asked if I wanted to go to a party. I hopped in excited. These guys were hot. It didn’t take long for me to figure out we weren’t heading to a party or at least not the kind I thought. They pulled over in a secluded area and gang banged me. They told me I wouldn’t ever be able to deny being gay after they were done. It was the most magical time I’ve ever had. All these cocks coming at me and on me. Filling me with pure joy. You can use this discount for 73% off Bromo and enjoy all the fantasies.