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Month: December, 2009

Gay anal sex in the bathtub

This hot gay man was taking a relaxing bath on the bathtub, he was relaxing and playing with his dick. What he didn’t notice is that his friend was watching him, he didn’t pay attention at all. The time passed and he was about to get out of his relaxing bath. When he was about to do so his friend told him to stay, He did stay. Then his friend joined him and it seems that he enjoyed that. His friend gave him a nice blowjob, and some more… It ended up in a gay anal fuck scene.

Gay glory hole went nasty

Those hot gay guys are training hard, they are professional fighters and they need to train hard to stay in the top. After training hard, one of the boys went upstairs to take a piss. It was OK until he noticed that some other guy was watching him. He felt a little bit awkward and went out to see what happened. When he noticed that the other guy was jerking off, he was nice and gave him a hand, well not only a hand but offered him some gay anal sex. This scene ended very well.