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Month: June, 2010

Fucking a hot gay ass in the pool

Once again, our beloved boss doing some of his penian-martial-arts. For today special he wanted to do something outside his place, he was tired of his bedroom and wanted something more “au natural”. He went outside and carried one of his slaves there. He quickly stripped his hot gay guy clothes and gave him a hell of a blowjob, after that he did put the guy in the right position and grinded his ass so hard that at first sight we thought that the guy was going to fly. Come here and see our boss in some gay anal scene.

Strong man sucking a gay dick

We love to see that, those strong military man sucking and fucking hardcore. We did step up into some weird army facility (yeah, we’re like the 007 of the gay porn). We got there and managed to capture this hot gay guy sucking his superior’s dick. As the time passed they showed us some nice action. Believe me, you sell some hot gay anal scenes and they shouldn’t even exist. Since those gay guys are carrying weapons of mass destruction. Look at the ending picture where this hot guy shoots his nuclear load all over the place.