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Beautiful Boys Sharing the Love

You horny bastards are going to ask me who this hunky guy is anyways so I may as well tell you now: His name is Justin Owen and before you run off to search for more of him, I’ll even help you out with that too… bear with me.

Because, if you want to see many more guys as handsome as this fellow and schools of twinks with the looks and charisma that could put Justin Bieber to shame then this is the place for you. That is exactly what my first impression was and that is why I took a moment to share this with you because if there’s something we gay guys can do better than most is look out for each other.

The best way I can describe the content at Helix Studios is that it is a mixture between erotica, glamour and hardcore porn. Hardcore porn to me traditionally mean that it’s nasty fucking with little attention to anything else, but here it’s all classy and beautiful and somehow the fucking is as intense as ever.

Use this discount for 43% off Helix Studios and you’ll be completely hooked. It’s like finally finding the man of your dreams.

They Want to Squirt Their Spunk in Your Junk

Isn’t this just a cutie. Well toned body, not over the top, just fit. Nice haircut and a very cute juvenile attempt at a seductive bad-ass look that works even if not the way he intended.

He’s a bit shy in the penis department, but it doesn’t seem to bother him but if your ass is loose it won’t bother you either. Maybe you’re a cutie pie yourself with a tight ring-piece and in which case you bet you fancy this youngster.

There are a wide variety of builds, qualities, blessings and styles available to suite every gay guy. A Kristen Bjorn discount makes it so much easier for you to explore and enjoy in a single effort than trying to get a half-assed impression from some random and surface value search engine results.

Why not just get stuck in… take it for a spin.