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Posing with a Hard Dick

Coming out is a huge deal for most people. Socially, it definitely had its challenges and gave me some anxiety, but family-wise, it was no trouble at all. I was raised by a single mom and my grandparents had died when I was little. I had an aunt and cousins but they lived two hours away. My mom knew I was gay before I told her, so the whole coming out thing was pretty uneventful.

It’s a good thing I have such a great mom though because I was a real inconsiderate jerk in my youth. Once I started having sex and realized she wasn’t going to hate on me for it, I was fucking all the time. She would come home early from work and find me and whichever guy or guys I was hanging out with, naked in the living room. I’d often have the boys pose for me and I’d snap pictures of them with a polaroid camera and then we’d compare dick pictures.

My mom would look mortified but she always stayed calm and just told me to keep it to the bedroom and use protection. My mom is relieved that years later, I’ve settled down. She really approves of my boyfriend.

I came across those pictures the other day and it brought back some fun memories, but I let the professionals do the photography now and I just enjoy looking at it all online.

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Gay Porn Worth Sharing With Friends

The other day a gay guy from work texted me a picture of his balls. I was honestly shocked because I didn’t ask for it, and I barely know the guy. Plus, he’s gay. And I’m straight! Or at least he should think I’m straight. I’m married and have tons of kids. I mean, maybe I’m bi-curious. And maybe I watch some gay porn now and then, but who doesn’t?

How the fuck did he know I was gay? I thought I hid it so well! Does my wife know too? Did you know?!

Well, I thought about turning him in to HR but that’s probably not necessary, especially since I’ve been jerking off to his ball pic ever since. I’d be an asshole to do that to him. Maybe I should send him this link to a Falcon Studios discount for 76% in savings. Then he’ll know that I’m cool with him, and he’ll know I’m into balls too. Maybe he’ll even want to watch some of this hot stuff together sometime? Fingers crossed!

Gorgeous Guys That Take Your Breath Away

When I was trying to figure out whether I was gay or not, I got online and came across this SeanCody discount for up to 68% in savings. I decided to sign up and see how I felt about the content. Right away I was amazed by how gorgeous all the guys on the roster are. They’re mostly all young and muscular. There’s a wide variety of action and all of it drove me wild. There was no denying how strongly my body reacted to what I was seeing.

This is a membership that has a library consisting of more than 2,000+ movies and over 2,000+ photo galleries. You’ll get to watch sexy men satisfying one another at various locations indoors as well as outdoors. Sex on the beach is something I’ve always wanted to have and when I saw a video featuring just that, I fell in lust. All of the content is delivered in crystal clear quality so you don’t have to worry about shadows or anything obstructing your view. This membership was the best money I’ve ever spent on porn without a doubt.

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Gay in 4K

I love seeing hot and horny men going at it in hardcore porn films. I always have, well ever since I learned how to clear the browser history on my family’s pc as a teen anyway. But it wasn’t until recently when Next Door Studios started releasing their explicit fuck films in crystal clear 4k, when I realized just how much I could actually love it!

I mean, the action has always been hot. This network does a phenomenal job of getting the hottest, most well-hung men to star in their films. And the scenes are always so passionate and intense that the chemistry is tangible. My cock always believes it anyway! But now, I look into their piercing eyes and I feel like I’m in the scene myself. Every bead of sweat, every time a horny guy gets goosebumps from the breath on his neck as he’s pounded from behind, not a detail escapes me.

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When I find the time to watch porn, I want to be captivated from the very first glance and leave with my balls drained every time. I expect the quality to be crystal clear without shadows or grit. When I found out I could use this discount link for $10 off Gay Hoopla, I couldn’t sign up fast enough. Everything I want is right here, and more. 

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Quenching Thirst with Cock

There are a bunch of videos on YouTube of various celebrities reading thirst tweets. I thought Jeff Goldblum was going to be my favorite, but that all changed once I watched Gerard Butler reading thirst tweets. The man has no filter and no shame. He seemed up for some of the crazy shit people were posting and he did not censor the tweets as he read them. At the end of the video, he even commented that some of it sounded pretty good and he was open to experimenting. There were some gay tweets in there.

I watched a few more videos after his, but the others couldn’t compare. Then I realized I had spent a half hour watching celebrities read tweets. My time is precious. If  I am going to spend it on videos, they should at least show some of what those tweets describe!

I ended up surfing over to and spending the spare time I still had left, watching men who were actually fucking. And unlike Gerard Butler, the porn studs still had their abs and majestic thighs worthy of those skimpy costumes in 300.

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Do you ever wonder if there is such a thing as too much hardcore porn? I don’t think there are many downsides to watching hot pornstars fuck each other all day every day. Well, it could possibly get in the way of your job productivity or time with your family, but it’s not your fault they don’t want to watch porn with you.

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